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How to Join A Game Mode

There are currently three different game modes in Battleborn. Each game mode has its own set of rules, playstyles, and requirements.

Incursion is a mode where two teams of players fight each other alongside waves of AI-controlled minions. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s two sentry bots – At first they are protected by shields, but destroying them causes them to be spawned without their shield and can take more damage. Once the two sentry bots are destroyed the team must destroy enemy’s base while protecting their own base from waves of AI-controlled minions and enemy players.

Join a game mode

To join a game mode, select it from the main menu. If there is enough players for two full teams to play you will be placed on the red team if no other criteria are met to determine which side you should join (such as joining the game in progress or after only one team has joined). You can change your team by selecting the desired team in the Teams section. If there are not enough players to play a full game, or if you would prefer to be placed into a match that is already under way, use Quick Match.

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Once you’ve entered Matchmaking, the ‘Select Mode’ screen will show a list of available game modes.

If you find yourself struggling to find a match for one of the more popular ‘Join In Progress’ modes, it can’t hurt to check out Quick Match! You may end up getting into a new mode that you haven’t tried before, or perhaps you’ll even end up in the game mode that you were originally looking for.

Gain Mastery Levels to unlock new avatars and titles

The current rules are available by selecting the Game Rules button on this menu. More options will be added here as content is released. You can also craft items that modify the rules that you play under.

As your Mastery Level increases, you’ll unlock new titles and avatars to use as your Profile Badge. You can also level up by playing a variety of different modes!

These new badges will be added with the 1.8 Update on January 25th, 2018.

Search for the game mode you want to play

Once you enter the matchmaking menu, click on the game mode you’d like to play and it will start searching for a lobby that is either one or two players short (depending which game mode you search for). Click Join and wait until it finds a lobby, at which point your character will automatically enter said lobby. You can also choose to join a game mode in progress, though you will need to wait until there are enough players before the game starts.

Choosing which type of lobbies you want to search for

There are 3 types of lobby that are available for players to search for. They are all different types of games that other people are playing which you can jump into. You can also make it so that you only search for games in certain game modes by clicking the ‘Search Preferences’ button (The cog wheel).

When joining a game mode in progress, there is no countdown before the match starts – Instead your character will automatically join the lobby once there are enough players to play. You can also choose to join a game mode in progress, though you will need to wait until there are enough players before the game starts.


That’s it! This is all you need to do in order to join an Incursion Game Mode. You can also join Quick Match, which will try and put you into a game that is starting soon – However, if there are not enough players for two full teams, then your character will just sit in the lobby until there are.